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Best weapons in pubg mobile

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. . . The M24 is a highly regarded and strong sniper in PUBG Mobile. . . . . The weapon deals. . if you aim is bad - you die. QBZ-95. The guns we would suggest staying away from are P92, Sawed-Off, S1897, S686, and PP-19 Bizon. . Mini 14 is one of the most lethal guns of the DMR category. Magazine Capacity: 5 to 7. . 6. You only need to tap and kill the enemy in a few shots. The SCAR-L could very well be in this place, but the. First, keep an eye on enemies who arrive near you. . . Glacier M416 is the favorite skinnable gun among PUBG Mobile players. Almost the same as 'Steyr Aug' and Groza, you can also get this weapon from airdrop just. . . A wide variety of thrilling firearms, including assault rifles,. The M762 is very difficult to control because of the vertical and horizontal recoil which spoils the bullet's aim. There are nine categories of weapons in COD Mobile, they are: Secondaries (pistols, melees, rocket launchers) Shotguns. . Armor is also crucial so you can take more hits in a firefight. A player gets most of his gunfights in close-range in the game. M762 - PUBG MOBILE. . Godzilla AWM. . October Store Update 2023 Welcome to the tenth Store update of 2023! ANNOUNCEMENT 2023. . In the hands of an expert marksman, an AWM can easily knock out an opponent with a headshot, regardless of the helmet he's wearing. click to enlarge. . . . . . 62mm rounds and has single shot, triple shot, and full-auto modes. Tap on Inventory in Lobby Section of PUBG Mobile. The following weapons appear in the video game PUBG: Battlegrounds: Handguns Beretta 92F. . While assault rifles are most useful in close-quarters combat in games, sniper rifles help teams succeed in long-range combat. . met_scrip_pic hees wasmo ku jirto muuqaal.

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