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How to fix old delta shower valve with diverter

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. Plus, these shower valves come in different varieties. 3. This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey replaces a clogged shower valve that would not allow hot water into the shower. Usually with H/C stamps. . And take a picture of the stem unit before you remove it with the channel locks. The first step for replacing a shower faucet diverter is cutting out the old system. . . NOTE: Old style metal and current-style plastic. Q&A. 88°C) to avoid burning yourself. SUBSCRIBE to This. . . . . for pricing and availability. Step 1. Pull off the diverter handle. thediyguy. . . 1. . Check the Shower Diverter Valve. Cut through tile glaze with a carbide-tipped scoring tool. . Unscrew and remove the plastic sleeve in a counterclockwise direction. . This causes the water to back up and come out the shower head. If the faucet seats are smooth, no repair is necessary. . Pull it up one more time and turn on the faucet so that water flows to the shower head. . Then remove the faucet handle body and set it aside. Forged brass body. . Kung Fu Maintenance demonstrates how to replace a leaking tub to shower compression style diverter valve while explaining many of the different factors and p. Replace the diverter with the new diverter (same make and model as the old diverter, if you can) Screw it in using the socket wrench. . . Kung Fu Maintenance shows you how to replace a leaking rotation style tub to shower diverter valve. . valuetesters. Step 2: Find the Source. A flashlight will help when looking to the back of the cavity. Turn the water back on (gently) Test valve operation. . . . . However, you have to replace the shower diverter if it's broken. Photo from Terrylove 6. 2. Slide in the retaining clip and replace the handle and escutcheon. . . . . . met_scrip_pic websocket connection to failed nextjs.

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